Social Responsability

  • Social Responsability

We passionately believe in protecting the planet and we do so in our daily work. This is why, in the face of the encroaching urban sprawl reaching into the countryside, we have chosen to preserve our vineyard, fruit and olive trees, thus protecting them from the threat of urbanization and subdivision.By doing so, we are not only preserving green spaces, but we also keep the traditional mendozinian agriculture alive.

Our hotel’s waste management policy involves garbage separation, we follow the “Three Rs” – reduce, recycle, reuse. For example, we compost kitchen,gardening and vineyard waste. As we live in a very dry area, we limit water consumption. For laundry, we use only biodegradable detergents and soaps.

We also provide support for a fair trade wine producing project that is called “Soluna Wines of Solidarity”. In this project small producers of wine grapes can sell their harvest to market each year at a better and more just price.
With sustainability being an essential part of our hotel’s philosophy, we offer much more than a mere hotel and a glass of Malbec.