Chacras de Coria by Aerolineas Argentinas

Chacras de Coria, a region known to the original natives as Lanyení, is just a few kilometers from the city of Mendoza. Town life is still predominant here: the square is the place to meet, general stores are attended by their owners and Sundays promise arts and crafts fairs. This is great alternative for those seeking peace and quiet but close to the big city. It is also worth your while to check out the “Finca Adalgisa”, an experience that came about as a result of wanting to preserve a 1916 vineyard and which, were it not for the hotel, would no longer exist. The winery uses no technology. There are no pumps to move the wine, nor are there any pneumatic presses, cooling  machines or big laboratories. The felds are plowed by horses and the wine moves thanks to gravity. Everything is done by hand, like in the old days when it was founded.