True Oasis

True oasis in a beautiful setting with excellent service!
The moment you step through the gate and inside the wall of the property a sense of tranquility and serenity spreads through your body, wanting you to stay for ever. The old building is exquisitely decorated, mixing old and new and my bedroom located in this part of the property was spacious with a beautiful bathroom. The pool area, surrounded by the vines, is quiet and utterly relaxing with cold water and fruit from the garden provided at all times for everyone to help themselves. Breakfast is served in a light room in the old house and is truly delicious. There are som really nice dishes on display but you can also order other things. In the evening, the winery offers a free glass of the house Malbec and a perfect selection of light dishes such as cold meats, cheese and salads. This area is more modern than the old house, but equally chic with comfortable sofas and arm chairs, nicely lit and half of it outside. I would definitely have gone for the barbecue in the evening had I not been on a wine tour which included a long four course lunch. The cookery school is also very popular with lots of non-residents attending. The staff seems invisible at most times, which is one of the reasons the finca is so calm, but truly professional, friendly and attentative whenever you need them. I would return tomorrow if I could so would recommend anyone who can to stay there.