There's nothing like an argentinian barbecue, or asado, as we call it. A barbecue is not only a meal, it's a ritual, it's part of our culture. When we were kids our parentsused to prepare the barbecue on a Sunday afternoon. They would start in the morning, and they would listen to the radio or read the newspaper while the wood to burnt down. Usually this would be accompanied by MATE, a ritual all on it´s own. Around midday the coal will tun into red and orange, embers or "brasas", just the way it should be. That was the moment when the put the meat went on the barbecue. In the meantime salads and picadas were being prepared on the kitchen. Through the afternoon, one after another the visitors arrived. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbours. The asado is not only a meal. It's a reunion with family and friends. Our cuts of beef are different to cuts in Europe and the US: The cuts that are put on a parilla are called: Tira de Asado, Vacío, Cuadril, entrana and sometimes costillo. But before all that you will have chorizos , which are sausages but not the Spanish kind; and creamy, dreamymorcilla, which is black pudding or boudin noir, and Mendoza has the best morcilla in Argentina. Here at la Finca, we invite you to a traditional asado, with friends and family. We want to share the experience of a classic Argentinian asado with you. We start at 8pm at the grill at the bodega. It will be just like the ones we remember, when we were kids: where we all shared, When we were kids we could tell by the smell when the beef on the barbecue was almost ready. a large table. When you arrive, we will serve you a glass of our own wine, while you chat about the beef, wine, and the landscapes of Mendoza. Of course we will serve you a picada or snack to keep you going just as we had in the old days. After that we will serve you your meat, in the right order of course. You don't have to eat everything that’s served – have whatever takes your fancy and take your time. There's no rush. Argentinian barbecues can take some time. There will be plenty of everything so you can come back to a piece you loved or missed out on the first time around. To finish, we will serve you a Fernet, it's an Argentinian tradition – a digestive that packs a punch. Asados take time and lots of patience. An experienced ‘Asador’ will know exactly when the meat is ready; whether it is rare, medium or well done, sometimes all of that in the same piece of meat. But remember, there is only ever one asador at a time. So whatever you do, don’t get in the way. Even if the house is on fire. This is Argentina – where tradition is everything.

INFO: Price per person USD 65 including dinner and wine. PAYMENT: during check out time. Cash in USD prefered with a 20% discount

TIME: 8pm. Group dinner from 4 to 12 people.