There's nothing like an argentinian barbecue, or asado, as we call it. A barbecue is not only a meal, it's a ritual, it's part of our culture. When we were kids our fathers used to make the barbecue on a Sunday afternoon. He would get up early, have a few sips of mate tea and with a lot of patience he would make a fire. During the morning hours he would wait for the wood to burn down, while he listened to the radio or read the newspaper.Around midday the coal would be red and orange, just the way he wanted it to be. That was the moment when he put the meat on the barbecue.
Our beef is cut differently than in Europe or the US: The cuts that are put on a parilla are called: Tira de Asado, Vacío, Cuadril. Try them, they're very tasty. But let's not forget the Chorizos (sausages) and the Morzilla (black pudding).

When we were kids we could tell by the smell, when the beef on the barbecue was almost ready. In the meantime salads and picadas were beeing prepared in the kitchen. And one after another the visitors arrived. Our brothers or sisters with their husbands or wives, our aunts and uncles, our cousins, friends, neighbours. The asado is not only a meal. It's a reunion with family and friends.
Here at la Finca, we invite you to a traditional asado, a reunion with friends and family. We want to share the experience of a classic argentinian barbecue with you. You can book your asado , we start at 8pm at the grill at the bodega. It will be just like the ones we remember, when we were kids: we will share a large table. When you arrive, we will serve you a glass of our own wine, while the conversation will be about beef, wine, the landscapes of Mendoza. Of course we will serve you a snack with the wine, olives, cheese, salami. After that we will serve you the best argentinian steaks. For our barbecue we only use the finest cuts of meat. You don't have to eat everything at once, there's no hurry. Help yourself with the first piece of beef and get another one during the next round. Argentinian barbecues can take some time. There is no need to rush. To finish, we will serve you a Fernet, it's an argentinian tradition.
A barbecue is a ritual. That's why we start making the fire already in the afternoon, in order to get a nice coal. After that, we put the meat on the grill. In order to make a good barbecue there are two things which are necessary: pacience and experience. A good barbecue master realizes when the beef is rare, medium or well done. If you want to know how we do it, don't hesitate to ask. Maybe he will tell you his secret. But don't forget: In Buenos Aires they say that only argentinians know how to prepare a  good barbecue. We don't know if that's true or not. But we invite you to try our barbecue. For us it's not a meal. It's a passion.